Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

J.Caesar joins 'CHELSEA' football club


Well, Caesar is ready to be rigged, he wears new football sports wear with new brand 'Nike(tm)' shoes. And enhanced with football fan lovers hair cut, SPIKY look ehh! Here i am posting new poster of J.Caesar as a football player.

He joins 'CHELSEA' football club. And he is kinda crazy, screwed and passionate football player. Kind of Attitude in him! hehe :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Asterix Season Ahead

Julius Caesar
"By the law of Jupiter"

Julius Caeser is one of my favorite character in Asterix&Obelix comic series.

Here i am showcasing some WIP images of caeser face, Base modeled in maya and details in zbrush still left. I want to make caeser as famous Italian soccer referee 'Pierluigi Collina'.

I am going to publish this character as a free downloaded Rigged Character online. It would be so much fun for animation lovers!!


Modeling Ship

I took 4 days to model it. I have used few photographs took from images section and modeled according to my taste in 3D world space. It is as fun as you actually make the thing physically.

I'll update ship with nice composition with light and texture soon. so stay tune!!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Making of 'Say Cheese!!'

i was asked to make making of article on 'Say Cheese!!' . It would be showcased in future version of 3DCreative Magazine and CGArena both. I hope that article can help somewhere to all awesome CG artist. cheers!!


@3DCreative Magazine(Zoo publishing):
An article is published in april '09 with high resolution images and with better notes!!

Thank you zoo publishing again!

3DCreative Magazine & CGArena selection

"Say cheese!!" has been showcased in 3DCreative Feb09' issue as in 10 best images gallery . I am really honored from 3D Total and zoo publishing for showcasing my work to the world. Such awards boost up to make more an more innovations. cheers!!

Similarly same image has been showcased in gallery section. Fish would be so honored to watch itself in world most viewable CG galleries. Cheeers!!


"Say Cheese!!" a photoreal fish

'Say cheese!!' is an attempt towards making of Hyper real touch for photoreal fish touch. I really love fish skin and which is quite challenge for shader writer. I had decided to make it like 'Portrait' kind of picture first, so i made scratch concept first!!